Law firm libraries of all sizes need systems to manage the flow of information to and from the library to the firm’s attorneys. Law Library Management, Incorporated has worked with all the most commonly used library software applications as well as in-house systems developed by law firm personnel. Utilizing our in-depth understanding of how most firms best use their library resources, we are expert at installing systems that best fit the firm’s needs. In this area, one size does not fit all firms, and there are many ways to automate law firm libraries.


Outsourcing can take many forms and is often turned to as a way to streamline, tailor and lower the costs of operating a law library. Outsourcing can offer a more flexible service model that is designed to be more cost effective and relevant to the entity it is serving. Outsourcing is the only way to access the wide range of library services on an as-need or project by project basis.


Law Library Management, Incorporated draws on over 40 years of experience managing all aspects of law library operations. Typical consulting projects include the following categories: Library Audit, Reorganizations and Moves, Contract Negotiation, Collection Development, Survey and Usage Data Analysis.


Law Library Management, Incorporated brings more than 30 years of experience into the research aspect of the business. Having knowledge of print and online materials not only at client offices, but knowing where to locate any type of material, allows us to be able to provide high quality research assistance to clients.